Web Application Using PHP


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Detailed Syllabus
(i) Introduction to the Website Development
Introduction of Web Site: Concept of Website and Web Pages, types of Websites
Introduction to Open source Technologies: Operating system, Web Server, Database,
Scripting Languages
Platforms for website development: LAMP,WAMP and MAMP, Scripting language
(ii) Introduction to Linux Operating System
Linux Operating System: Topics- Introduction, Installation, Linux Architecture, Boot
Process, Kernel, System Initialization. Different flavours of Linux, Review of Basic
Commands and Editors: Topics – Introduction to NetBeans, Installation and
Configuring NetBeans, gedit, Notepad++, Configuring Servers: Installation of PHP
and MySQL on Linux Operating System, Installation of Net Beans IDE and its
configuration, Configuration of Apache Server
(iii) Design of Web Pages
Basic HTML:HTML Basics, HTML Elements, HTML Attributes, HTML Headings,
HTML Paragraphs, HTML Styles, HTML Formatting, HTML Quotations, HTML
Links, HTML Table, HTML Lists, HTML Blocks, HTML Classes, HTML IFrames
HTML Forms: HTML Form Elements, Input Types, Input Attributes. CSS: CSS Introduction, CSS Types, CSS Padding, CSS Id & Class, Styling
Backgrounds Fonts, Links, CSS Border, HTML5
(iv) Client Side Validations using Various Techniques
Java Script: Java Script Introduction, Variable declaration, Operators, Control
Statements, Error Handling, understanding arrays, Built in Functions, User defined
Function, HTML Forms and Java Script, HTML DOM, Validations using Java Script
AJAX: Introduction to AJAX, XML Http Request Object, Response Handling, AJAX
Components, AJAX Framework, HTML in AJAX, XML and AJAX, Validations using
JQUERY: JQUERY Introduction, JQUERY library, JQuery Selectors, JQuery Filters,
Working with JQuery Events, JQuery and HTML Forms, Validations using JQuery
(v) Server side programming language PHP
Introduction of Php: Programming Concepts, Architecture of web application, PHP
Data Types and basics
Control Structures: Conditional statement, if, else, case, for, while loops
Arrays in PHP: Types of Arrays, Array attributes, Associative arrays, Array functions.
PHP Functions: String and other functions in PHP, Super global, PHP Functions,
Types of Function: User Defined Function and Inbuilt Functions, PHP Email Function
Object Oriented Concepts: Classes, defining a class and its usage, Constructor,
Inheritance, Exception Handling, Use of include and require.
PHP Forms methods: GET, POST & REQUEST, creating user forms.
File handling in PHP: Uploading files and images, Using file system in PHP.
(vi) Database Connectivity with PHP and MySQL
Creation of Database Connection file, Database connectivity, using MySQL functions
in PHP. Server-side validations. Inserting, Updating, deleting data using PHP and
MySQL through forms, Bind Parameters for Database Queries, Using MySQL Store
procedures in PHP, Database server configuration using IPv4 and IPv6, Fetching Data
from Database server.
(vii) Web Services &Security Vulnerabilities
Web service architecture & Introduction, Session and cookies, Authentication and
Authorization, storing hashed passwords in the database, Login and Logout operation,
Access Control Filter, Session based and cookie-based login, Using security features
etc. SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, Broken Authentication and Session
Management, Insecure Direct Object References, Cross Site Request Forgery, Security
Misconfiguration, Insecure Cryptographic Storage, Failure to restrict URL Access.

Rs.1,200.00 Rs.1,000.00


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