Data Structure Through Object Oriented Programming Language


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Detailed Syllabus
(i) Object Oriented Concepts
Object Oriented Programming- a new paradigm, Abstraction, forms of Abstraction,
OOP concepts- Classes, Objects, Polymorphism, Data Encapsulation, Data Hiding,
(ii)Basics of C++, Classes and Objects
Features of C++, Tokens, keywords, Data types, Operators, Manipulators, Console
input, output, Control statements (conditional and loops), Functions, Classes,
Instantiation, Destructor, constructor, Polymorphism – Operator Overloading,
Function Overloading, Inheritance-Single, Multiple, Multilevel, Pointers
(iii) Analysis of Algorithm
Introduction to algorithm design and Data structures, Comparison of Algorithms,
Complexity in terms of space and time, Calculation of O- notation. Abstract Data
type and its implementation with a Rational number example
(iv) Searching and Sorting
Searching- Linear and Binary Search, Sorting- Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, Insertion
Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, Comparison of various searching and sorting
techniques in terms of time complexity

(v) Elementary Data Structures: Arrays, Linked Lists
Representation of arrays-single and multidimensional, Address calculation using
row major ordering, Various operations on arrays, Linked Lists-Singly Linked List,
Double linked List, Circular Linked List- traversing, deleting, inserting, searching,
counting, reversing, printing of nodes.
(vi) Stacks and Queues
Stack ADT, Implementation of stack using array and linked list, Application of
Stack- Evaluation of postfix/prefix expression, Queue ADT, Implementation of
queue using Array and Linked List
(vii) Trees
Definition and notations, Binary Search Trees Implementation. Traversals using
stacks and recursion – In-order, post-order, pre-order techniques, Threaded binary
tree, B-trees with implementation of 2-3 trees.
(viii) Graphs
Definition and notations, Components of Graphs, Types of Graphs, Graph
Implementation using Adjacency Matrix and Adjacency List algorithms and
programs, Graph Traversal Methods: Depth First Search and Breadth First Search.

Rs.1,200.00 Rs.1,000.00


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